Our Story

In 1988, we moved as a family from Sweden to Kenya. It was a real adventure for us three young girls, Helena, Cecilia and Annika, and over the next few years we fell in love with Kenya’s beauty and charm.  It was an incredible childhood, with trips to Nairobi National Park, the tailors at Biashara Street, and Hemingways on the coast of Malindi.

We carried our warm memories and love for this place wherever we went, and in 2009, our sister Helena returned to Kenya to work. She came with energy and excitement, eager to make new discoveries and embrace the place she loved as a child.  But Helena’s energy was short-lived as she soon became very ill. After months of pain and numerous doctors’ visits, she was eventually diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The disease ended Helena’s time in Kenya abruptly and our whole family moved to Belgium to be with her through her illness. Her health deteriorated, but she astounded us all with her continued resilience, optimism, and wit.  But as is often the case with cancer, her body won out over her spirit; two weeks shy of her 30th birthday, Helena passed away.

The loss of Helena is something we will never quite understand. But our family finds strength in this venture that we pursue in Helena’s name and memory. Helena was always keen for us to have a family business that could harness our sister Cecilia’s design skills and give us an opportunity to work together on something that was bigger than ourselves.  This business strives to do just that.

With a focus on African fabrics and a “made in Africa” ethos, we aim to create fashion items that promote the African aesthetic but incorporates it with modern design for everyday wear. All our items are made exclusively in Kenya and we offer new opportunities and training for Kenyan tradesmen, particularly female workers, as well as providing them with fair and sustainable employment.

By showing interest in our brand you are not only helping us honour Helena’s memory but also supporting our principle of investment, rather than charity. Thank you!