Who we are

We are team of dedicated and talented women bound together by our love for family and fashion. With Njema Helena, our common quest is to create clothes that are made with care and joy and make women feel comfortable, confident and of course beautiful.

The Women Behind the Seams


Dorothy has been sewing for us since the first few weeks of Njema Helena. She is an experienced and talented dressmaker and a great force of productivity. She is always ready to work and can accomplish amazing feats under pressure, meaning she is often given the tricky jobs or rush orders.  Dorothy is a single mother providing for two sons. Her two boys are in middle school and high school and she is always putting in a great effort to make sure they excel in school.


Edith is the newest addition to our team and although not a trained dressmaker she is very clever and a fast learner. She has been trained to do all our hand finishings including sewing in all our labels and doing all our hems by hand. Edith is also cutting along with our designer and our director and has become the manager of our showroom. Edith is a single mother to her daughter Brenda who is currently attending primary school.


Violet Irons all our fabrics and makes sure the workshop and showroom are clean and tidy, we are also training her to do our hems and sew in labels by hand.  She is a hard worker, always ready to work and can always be counted on with heavy lifting.  Violet lives in Kawangware with her husband and two children.


Wilimina has been with us since our very first dress. She came with a great deal of experience when she became our first dressmaker and has shown she is incredibly patient and detail oriented. Her work is always of great quality and she does especially well with intricate work, leaving her to sew many of our children’s dresses. Wilimina is a single mother providing for two daughters. Her eldest is completing a degree in Finance Engineering and her youngest is in primary school.

The Women Behind the Brand


Helena is the inspiration behind Njema Helena. She was tragically diagnosed with cancer while living in Kenya and despite fighting bravely her body won out over her spirit; two weeks shy of her 30th birthday, Helena passed away. In Swahili, njema means good, and Helena will forever be the good force that drives this venture forward.


Cecilia is the designer and creative mind behind Njema Helena. She has a BFA from FIT in New York with a major in Fashion Design. Prior to Njema Helena she worked as a designer in New York. She drafts all the patterns for the designs, makes all first samples, the size gradings and trains the dress-makers in the execution of each garment. She also styles and directs all our shoots.


Anne is our eyes, ears, and legs (literally!) on the ground leading operations for Njema Helena. Anne supervises production, manages the dress makers, cuts the majority of the production and is the always glamorous “face on Njema Helena” in Nairobi. Anne has a degree in journalism and has in her career published two books.


Annika manages our communications, heading up all our social media, website and liaising with press. Annika is our idea machine always pushing us to move forward. She has a master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from City University in London.